If you have a request for a big hit

from  the past 20 years or so (1990-Present)

and a reason that song means

something extra special to you,

tell Bob a story about your request.


Hello Bob,

alan jacksonI’m a grandmother of five and have been a Country fan for over 20 years now. And I believe that if you listen, Country Music has a song that will connect for everyone in some way... And take on a personal meaning. And, here is mine:

Most of us, (all too well), remember September 11th, 2001... And the (dark) days and weeks that followed. As terrible as that time was, it gave me a beautiful gift; my granddaughter Jade Olivia. Jade and I are really close. She shares my love for Country Music, classic cars and cooking. We've gone to a buncha car shows and concerts together. We sing along together to the Country Music on the radio, so many times she is like a bff. Talk about closing the generation gap!

I’m hoping you can play Alan Jackson’s “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” in honor of my granddaughter Jade's 13th birthday this month. This song touches me so much. It reminds me that when things are at their worst many times there is also something beautiful and precious (coming) around the corner. And Jade is my constant reminder of that.





Palmyra, NY