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Hello Bob,

It was just this time of the year in 2008 when I was getting ready to graduate from college in Pennsylvania and I received an offer for a job a thousand miles away in Florida. My girlfriend ‘Amanda’ and I decided to use the move to break things off, and we did. But our friendship remained stronger than ever. We never stopped talking and visited each other whenever possible. And even though we dated others, there were still lots of “what if’s” when it came to the two of us. Then, 3 years ago, Amanda began dating someone quite seriously, and somebody told me out of the blue that continuing our friendship was something Amanda could no longer do. Not hearing from her again, broke my heart. And it was clear that another chance with my first love would not materialize.

Amanda’s married now and even though I am successful here in Florida, I wish we could have one more conversation so I could tell her how much she meant to me and always will. Please play “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” by Darius Rucker. There are many nights when I close my eyes and wonder what might have been if I had just stayed in Pennsylvania.


Orlando, Florida


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