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Hello Bob,

Recently in our hometown, a fast-moving fire burned down five family homes to the ground. Nothing was left and instantly five families were homeless with literally the clothes on their backs. As a result, our morning show host put out a call for donations. By 9:30 our station lobby filled up with clothes and toys and clothes for the kids and whatever folks would part with to help these families through this incredibly tough time. In a matter of hours the cash raised topped $20,000. The word got out that some didn’t have enough insurance. And even more cash donations arrived. A week later, when all was complete, we were able to give each family just over $10,000 in cash and we set up a ‘boutique’ with all the donations and the families could go through and select what they needed and get a fresh start.

I am so proud of our part in this and I don’t think the staff at this radio station will ever forget hugging these folks as they stopped by to thank us tell their stories and thank the community. This was an incredibly heartwarming outpouring of support.

Perhaps you could play a song and send it out to the good folks in Fort McMurray, Alberta who were really good friends at a time when their neighbors really needed it most. Thanks.

John Knox

Fort McMurray, Alberta



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