Brothers Osborne talk “Play Ball,” story songs and working on ‘Lindeville’ with Ashley McBryde

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Ashley McBryde and her gang of collaborators will invite fans to Lindeville this week with a new batch of story songs and collaborations.

Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville was produced by Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne, who says he jumped at the chance to lend his skill set to the project. In fact, he tells ABC Audio, he was so excited about the concept that he would’ve been happy to be involved with it on any level.

“Honestly, when I was asked to be just the bandleader on it, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’d love to do it,’” John recounts. Once he signed on as producer and got to listen to all the work tapes, he only got more enthusiastic.

“And no one’s doing anything like that in Nashville at the moment, too,” he points out. “They nailed it on that record.”

John’s brother and bandmate, TJ Osborne, wasn’t about to pass up a trip to Lindeville, either: John says he and Ashley immediately agreed that one of its tracks, “Play Ball,” would be perfect for TJ to sing.

“It fits his range perfectly. We know how well he can sing anything, but this part of his range is just butter,” John says, also saying it reminds him of childhood memories he and his brother share. “TJ and I grew up playing Little League Baseball in our hometown. So every time we hear that song, it takes me back to the ball fields where we would play baseball,” he adds.

As for TJ? It’s just fun to step into a new musical character, he notes. “Cool story. I like the lyrics and it’s really, really country,” the singer adds. “That’s where I cut my teeth, singing really country songs.”

Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville arrives on Friday.

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