Carly Pearce uncovered a hidden gem with “Diamondback”

Larry McCormack/ABC

Carly Pearce is sharing the story behind “Diamondback,” the lead single from her just-released 29: Written in Stone project. Written by Carly, along with Shane McAnallyKelsea Ballerini and Tofer Brown, the song took on an entirely new meaning once Carly decided to record it.

“I was brought in on an idea that Shane McAnally actually had,” Carly says in a video shared on YouTube. “He said ‘I want to write a song called ‘Diamondback.” I think initially he wanted to write it like a Diamondback snake, and then they threw me in the mix, and it became a little different.”

Carly was almost finished with her record when she decided to include “Diamondback” on the project.

“It came at the end of the writing of 29,” Carly recalls. “I think it may have actually been the last song, and it felt kind of like this little gem that none of us knew we needed, but it felt right for the project. To me, it’s reminiscent of The Chicks, when Natalie Maines was just fiery and going for it.”


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