Chase Rice’s “If I Were Rock & Roll” is a look back at the people and memories that shaped him

Connie Rice

Chase Rice contemplates the way things might have been — and how different experiences inform the person he is today — in his new song, “If I Were Rock & Roll.”

Songwriting has long been a part of Chase’s career, but this is the first track he’s ever released that he wrote completely solo. He says he pulled from all the memories and experiences closest to his heart to write it.

“As I sat down to write this song at my dining room table, with nothing but a guitar and the line ‘If I Were Jesus,’ inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s ‘If I Was the Priest,’ I wanted to incorporate all of the things that have been such a huge influence in my life into the lyrics,” the singer explains.

“From Earnhardt to my military buddies to Johnny Cash to my grandpa…these are all people and memories who have shaped the man I am,” Chase continues. “It’s a very personal, real song to me. And yet how the song ends, with the one that got away, makes it one that I think a lot of people will relate to.”

In the song, Chase considers not just the positive influences in his life, but also the way he’s fallen short, ending the chorus by admitting that he made missteps in a failed relationship. “And if I weren’t a fool / Girl, I’d still be with you,” he sings.

“If I Were Rock & Roll” marks the beginning of a new musical chapter for Chase. Next up, the song will head to country radio, following in the footsteps of his recent number-one hit, “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.”

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