Cole Swindell finds a true-blue country girl in ‘Stereotype’’s romantic title track

Warner Music Nashville

Cole Swindell’s fourth studio album, Stereotype, isn’t even out yet, but it’s already produced a hit: “Never Say Never,” the singer’s duet with Lainey Wilson, is top-five and rising at country radio.

Now, the singer’s sharing another new Stereotype song, and this time, it’s the title track. Romantic and vividly descriptive, “Stereotype” turns the idea of cliche on its head, describing a love interest who’s a classic country girl — but there’s nothing hackneyed or stereotypical about it.

“Just when you think you got her figured out / That’s when you learn you don’t know nothing ‘bout…” Cole sings.

“Saying, ‘Don’t be a girl, boy, let’s take another shot’ / Then slippin’ out, makin’ out in the parking lot / Down home angel with a whole ‘nother side / She’s the oh no, there she goes turning up my stereo type,” he continues in the chorus.

When he teased the song on Twitter, Cole shared a picture of his very own “stereo type”: His girlfriend Courtney Little, who is a former NBA dancer.

Stereotype arrives in full on April 8.

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