Cole Swindell forms “Some Habits” with new single

Ethan Helms / KP Entertainment

Cole Swindell just dropped a brand-new song, and video! After his “Single Saturday Night” song became his 10th number-one hit, Cole has released the romantic ballad “Some Habits.” The song is from his upcoming studio album.

“I think a lot of people can relate to a song like ‘Some Habits’ — it’s a love song about being rough around edges but meeting someone that changes you for the better,” Cole says. “I feel like I have a deeper appreciation for getting to make music these days, especially with this opportunity to be back out on the road performing and sharing this music face-to-face with the fans.”

Cole is an established songwriter, but he didn’t write “Some Habits,” although he is grateful for those who shared his talents with him.

“Since I moved to Nashville, I have always had such deep respect for Scooter Carusoe and his body of work,” Cole notes. “Getting to record this song he co-wrote with two of the newest go-to songwriters, Josh Miller and Chris LaCorte, is really special.  I can’t wait for my fans to hear the song and see this video!”

You can check out the music video for “Some Habits” at Cole’s official YouTube channel.

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