Darius Rucker sees the silver lining, but he’s mainly “ready to get on the road” and “do it”

David McClister

As the U.S. emerges from the pandemic and fans look forward to seeing their favorite stars live in person for the first time in more than a year, you can count country and pop superstar Darius Rucker among those who can’t wait to get back to work. 

“I’m ready to get on the road,” he says, weighing the impact of the past year. “You know, this has been a great year of getting to know Jack better and getting to know, you know, the kids better, and staying at home and being a homebody.”

“But I’m ready to spend three or four days a week in three or four different cities, you know, doing it!” he declares. 

Jack, who turns sixteen this year, is the youngest of Darius’ three children.

Right now, the “Beers and Sunshine” hitmaker is playing mostly fairs and festivals in the coming months, with the first being Myrtle Beach’s Carolina Country Music Festival June 12 in his home state of South Carolina.

But Darius also finally sees a silver lining for some of the smaller venues who’ve struggled so much in the past year.

“I think one thing that’s gonna come out of this,” he predicts, “especially in the beginning of this — a lot of those little clubs and little theaters are gonna get shows that they would never get because guys are just gonna want to go out and play before they go and play the big places, you know?”

“And so you go out and play a club for a couple days,” he continues, “and then you take it out on the road, just to get the feel of being out there doing it again.”

Fans can expect to hear Darius’ new single, “My Masterpiece,” the second release from his forthcoming fifth country album.

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