Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard explains the “promise to God” he made after losing his father


Florida Georgia Line member Tyler Hubbard opens up about a painful but pivotal moment in his life in a new episode of the In Good Faith podcast, hosted by pastor Judah Smith and his wife, Chelsea.

Tyler and his wife, Hayley, were guests on a new installment of the series, and during their conversation, Tyler recalled being a sophomore in college home for a visit when his dad unexpectedly died.

“He had taken up flying helicopters, which was a cool hobby…it was fun watching him do something he loved,” Tyler explains. “That weekend he had a helicopter crash in the backyard and we were there, which was tough, but also a blessing to be there when it happened. Just one of those freak accidents, very unexpected, and it kind of shaped who I was.”

Even as a 20-year-old going through a traumatic family tragedy, Tyler knew that this event would play a role in the kind of life he would go on to live — for better or worse.

“And I kind of made a promise to God in that moment, like, ‘Look, I want to lean on you. I want to trust you,’” he explains. “‘I know you’re in control and I have faith that as much as this is confusing and I don’t understand it, I really want to do this right. And I want to go through the process and the grieving and all that, but I want to trust you.’”

Elsewhere in the episode, Tyler further explores his grieving process, and he and his wife share their experience with therapy and premarital couples counseling.

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