“Home Sweet” for Russell is wife Kailey, son Remington, & maybe “a lot more Dickerson babies running around”

Spencer Combs

Three summers ago, Russell Dickerson co-wrote his latest hit with Charles Kelley while on tour with Lady A and Darius Rucker. At the time, “Home Sweet” was simply Russell’s vision of his life with his wife Kailey.

Since then, it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Then, it was kind of like how I saw my life panning out, I guess,” Russell looks back. “Really, it just like came true. We moved into our new house, and probably a week later found out we were pregnant. And so literally we were sitting on boxes and looking at two pink lines.”

“It’s one of those things that you just can’t make up,” he reflects. “We went from our little house over in Nashville by the zoo, and then the song literally just kind of like, came true for us, like one of those things you speak into existence, I guess. And so it really has, yeah, it’s just like, come to life.”

The couple’s son, Remington, arrived in September of 2020, and Russell predicts there’s more to come — many more, in fact.

“My wife comes from a huge family,” he explains. “She’s the youngest of six. She has five older brothers, and then that oldest brother has seven kids, so there’s literally, I think, 15 grandkids on her side.”

“And so they come from a ginormous family,” Russell continues. “And so I just got a feeling that there’s gonna be a lot more Dickerson babies running around.”  

“Home Sweet” is the second single from Russell’s Southern Symphony album, following the chart-topping “Love You Like I Used To.”


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