Is Tyler Hubbard ‘Dancin” toward a tour duet with Keith Urban?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ACM

Tyler Hubbard‘s inviting you to go Dancin’ in the Country as he gets ready for his fall tour.

The Florida Georgia Line frontman’s full-length debut is set to arrive in early 2023, but once he got the invitation to head out with a certain Aussie superstar, he couldn’t help but unleash the Dancin’ EP.

“I’m finished with the album,” Tyler explains. “I have the whole thing mixed and mastered and all 18 songs are done. So I’m sitting on them, and I just really … didn’t want to wait any longer until January.”

“But then we got the Keith [Urban] tour,” he continues, “and I thought, ‘We’ve gotta put some songs out because I want the fans to know some songs that I’m gonna play on tour.'” In order to support the tour, he says they decided to release more music so fans can get to know the songs and “hopefully be able to sing along with when I’m out with Keith.”

Not only will Tyler hit the road with Keith, but the “Brown Eyes Baby” guitar slinger also co-wrote the EP’s title track. So will Keith play it with him on tour? Tyler promises he’ll try to talk Keith into making an appearance. “He’s such a cool dude … And yeah, no telling, he’ll probably come out and play the whole set with me, knowing Keith.”

“I love him,” the “5 Foot 9” hitmaker adds. “He’s awesome. And it was so much fun working with him and getting to write this song. It’s actually the first song we’ve written together, so I’m excited to write some more on the road this fall.”

The Speed of Now World Tour kicks off September 3 in Mountain View, California.

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