Jackson Dean’s ‘Greenbroke’ comes from a personal place: “It’s my story”

M Jacksondeangreenbroke 07052022
Courtesy of Big Machine Records

There’s a specific reason Jackson Dean titled his debut album Greenbroke. 

The singer explains the distinction between a broke horse, which is easily tamable, and a green broke horse, which is much harder to domesticate, consumed by a free spirit that’s unpredictable. 

“A green broke horse, there ain’t no telling when it’ll stop being friendly. You can ride it for a little while, but [it always has] one eye on the door. It’s untamable,” Jackson explains. “It’s never truly going to be broken. It will never lose its wild.” 

For this reason, the rising country star was inclined to name his debut project after the wild beast. Greenbroke comes from the heart, particularly the title track, which expresses his desire to be a free thinker and live life on his own terms. 

“The reason I called the record Greenbroke is because there’s no two songs the same, and it’s pretty out there,” Jackson continues, describing the album as “wild.” “It’s so many things wrapped into one. The song itself, ‘Greenbroke,’ is the telling of my story all the way up to this point, not in [an] external sense, but just in here. And it’s my story.” 

The Maryland native’s current single, “Don’t Come Lookin,'” is in the top 20 on country radio. 

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