Jimmie Allen loves all his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ cast mates, but admits “the biggest crush ever” on Melanie C

ABC/Christopher Willard

In his typical upbeat fashion, Jimmie Allen couldn’t be more complimentary about his competitors, heading into his fourth week on Dancing with the Stars

“Everybody was kinda like I figured they would be,” he tells ABC Audio. “Like, when I saw this cast and we all met at Disneyland, everybody was super cool.”

Melora [Hardin] is really nice,” he continues. “I talk to Matt James and Iman [Shumpert] a lot, Cody [Rigsby]. Me and [Michael“The Miz” [Gregory] been talking a lot. He’s funny, yo! I like him. Even little Suni [Lee]. She’s cool. Amanda [Kloots] is really nice.”

Olivia Jade, she’s super nice, man,” he adds. “You could tell she’s so young. She’s so nervous all the time. She’s really, really nice.”

Of course, there may be one particular favorite for the “Freedom Was a Highway” hitmaker.

Melanie C is amazing. I mean, I get to hang out with Sporty Spice! Like God, I used to have the biggest crush on her ever,” he reveals. 

Jimmie adds, “I’m definitely glad I’m on this season with this group of people. Like I felt like they went out and actually picked cool people, because everybody on the show is really cool. You know, everybody’s getting along.”

But who does Jimmie view as the one to beat?

“All of ’em!” he laughs. “I feel like they all scare me. You know, the cool thing is like, this cast is so different because everyone brings their own thing to the table.”  

Tonight, Jimmie and his partner Emma Slater will be doing the Paso Doble to “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” from Mulan for Disney Heroes Night, which starts at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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