Kane Brown’s plan to “be the fittest guy in country music”


If you keep up with Kane Brown, you probably know the singer’s on a path to “be the fittest guy in country music,” as he recently told Men’s Health

If you happen to be on a similar journey, you’ll be interested to know the “One Mississippi” hitmaker’s also giving us a glimpse at how he plans to do it. 

On the road, he likes to do high reps of simple exercises that use only his body weight for resistance, like pushups, squats, and planks that add a shoulder tap. If he can find a boxing gym, he’ll head there, too.

If your gains aren’t equal to Kane’s, don’t worry. He also revealed to Men’s Health something he hasn’t talked about a lot: In high school, he was the QB of the football team, the captain of the basketball squad and a baseball pitcher, while also running track.

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