Kenny Chesney explains why his Here and Now Tour might not include some of his biggest hits

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Kenny Chesney currently is in rehearsals for his 2022 Here and Now Tour, the singer’s long-awaited return to the road after the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to cancel his tour plans first in 2020, then again in 2021.

In the meantime, Kenny released a new album, Here and Now, in 2020. As he readies his set, the singer says he’s got a massive list of songs to choose from — and some of his older classics might not make the cut.

“It means ‘You and Tequila’ and ‘Wild Child’ may not be in the stadiums this year,” the singer cautions his fans. “But I think No Shoes Nation is going to respond to this the same way they did ‘Anything but Mine.’”

That’s because his fan base has a special connection to Kenny and the authenticity of the songs he releases, the singer goes on to say. “They share that same compass, too. So, when they hear these songs, they recognize a real truth in them, too,” he points out.

Plus, temporarily retiring some older hits will pave the way for Kenny to introduce fans to the live versions of his latest body of work, including his chart-topping single “Knowing You.”

“We’ve worked up a pretty cool version of ‘Knowing You,’” the singer hints. “As much as this show is built on high energy, rock hard, have fun vibes, there’s a feeling to ‘Knowing You’ that’s going to make every football stadium in America feel like that place you go with your most special memories, wherever that is.”

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