Lee Brice is hitching rides with Santa, planning on a Christmas album

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Lee Brice‘s latest contribution to the Christmas canon is the unexpected “Santa Claus Was My Uber Driver,” which happens to be based on real life. And the “Memory I Don’t Mess With” hitmaker hints there may be more to come.

“I’m gonna go make a whole gospel record one day. I’m gonna make a whole acoustic record one day,” Lee says. “You know, I wanna make a Christmas record one day, but I want to do it kinda how I want to do it.”

“I want to write songs that I love, and that are fun and unique,” he continues. “And, I mean, do some classics possibly too, right? You know, just my own version of ’em.”

The South Carolina native’s last studio album, Hey World, came out in 2020. Although a yuletide offering is on his bucket list, Lee expects it’ll take him awhile. 

“I just dig a little deep and a little hard, and it takes me a little longer to be satisfied with the music I’m gonna put out,” he says. “So it’s a little harder for me to, you know, get a whole album done of just something like that.”

“But for now, it’s just gonna be, like, ‘Here’s a song this year.’ You know, maybe we’ll get another one next year or something,” he predicts.

Lee put out his version of the classic “Go Tell It on the Mountain” two years ago. 

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