Maren Morris’ ‘Humble Quest’ era has taken her “To Hell and Back,” but now she says she’s “fearless”


It’s been a world-rocking couple of years for Maren Morris: Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic halt her tour plans and completely change her day-to-day life, but she also became a first-time mom to baby Hayes.

“I’ve done things that have scared the ever-loving hell out of me, and I made it through it,” Maren tells CBS Sunday MorningsAnthony Mason in an interview that will air in full this weekend.

Specifically, Maren is speaking about her difficult labor and delivery during Hayes’ birth, and the emotional challenges that followed.

“Having my son and having a really rough labor and birth with him,” she details. “I had an emergency C-section, and both our heart rates were dropping, and it had been, like, 31 hours and he still wasn’t coming.”

After Hayes finally arrived safe and sound, Maren had to face more challenges during her matrescence — that is, her transition into motherhood.

“Postpartum depression, that was another surprise,” she continues. “It’s just, like, a lot of reality checks, and knowing that I wasn’t in control, and I probably never was.”

But the end result of all those ups and downs have been a newfound sense of power and freedom. “I feel like I’m becoming fearless again,” Maren says. “I just don’t know what there is to be afraid of after the last couple of years.”

You can catch the singer’s full interview on the next episode of CBS Sunday Mornings, which airs April 3.

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