Mickey Guyton calls Carrie Underwood an “angel” for gifting her son a piano

ABC/Eric McCandless

Mickey Guyton still can’t get over the gift that Carrie Underwood gave her son. 

Over the summer, Mickey shared a video of her seven-month-old son Grayson playing a baby grand piano sent to him by the superstar. 

“I swear that woman is an angel sent from heaven,” Mickey praises to CMT, adding that he “loves” the toy. “I just couldn’t believe that she thought of him like that.”  

The new mom says that her baby already is a fan of music, a bond that started forming long before he was born, as Mickey was pregnant with him while recording her debut album, Remember Her Name. 

“When I put him to bed at night, I’ll sing him a lullaby and that’s what always calms him and then he goes right to sleep,” she describes. 

The singer also says that she would be supportive if Grayson were to one day follow in her footsteps and enter the music industry — but she would advise him to have a backup plan. 

“I would definitely support him. If it’s in your DNA to do something like that. If music is your passion, then do it, and I 100 percent support him,” she states. “Dreams are dreams.” 

Remember Her Name is available now.

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