Old Dominion taps into the “relatable feeling” of moving on after a breakup in “No Hard Feelings”

ABC/Connie Chornuk

Old Dominion offers a new take on breakups in their current single “No Hard Feelings.” 

The five-member band wrote the song with Shane McAnally. While guitarist Geoff Sprung notes that singing lyrics like “no hard feelings, no bad vibes” in the wake of a breakup may be an “idealistic” way of looking at the situation, he thinks it’s a mentality that many people can identify with. 

“Maybe sometimes idealistic, but I feel like that’s what we all shoot for. We all have relationships that don’t work, but you don’t always get to that point, but that’s in your head,” he remarks. “That’s I feel like the goal usually.” 

Frontman Matthew Ramsey adds that the band managed to find a sweet spot when writing about a breakup, flipping the concept of heartache on its head. 

“That’s an interesting idea. That feeling is really hard. You can talk about heartbreak all you want. You can talk about love all you want and in a very easy way. But I think the idea of that weird middle ground where you’re like, ‘Well, this sucks, but I’m going to be OK,’ how do you how do you put that into a song and make it singable?” he asks. “Because it’s a very relatable feeling, I think a lot of people hopefully wind up there.”

“No Hard Feelings” is the second single off their 2021 album, Time, Tequila & Therapy. It’s currently in the top 15 on country radio. 

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