Parmalee continue the “positive vibes” with “Take My Name”

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for ACM

Coming off the success of “Just the Way,” Parmalee is staying in the romantic lane with their current single, “Take My Name.” Frontman Matt Thomas says that even before the song was released, fans were eager to make it a part of their special day. 

“It’s like the follow up to ‘Just the Way,’ we wanted to keep the energy going and keep the positive vibes, and what better way than a wedding song,” he describes. “It’s been great, people connecting with it, people wanting us to sing at their wedding. Even before we released the song, they were [saying] ‘when can I get this song, my wedding’s on this date, can we have it?’ So it’s really cool. And live, it’s amazing. It just flows right in and everybody’s singing it right back.” 

In fact, the song is such a hit amongst fans’ weddings that the members of Parmalee took it upon themselves to actually crash a fan’s wedding with a surprise performance. 

“We crashed a wedding here in Nashville and sang that song for the first dance, so it was really cool to be a part of that,” Matt says. “Definitely the first time we’ve all done it together,” adds band mate Josh McSwain, as Matt laughs, “we were nervous. We didn’t want to miss her big day up. But it ended up great.”

In 2021, Parmalee reached the top of the charts with their collaboration with Blanco Brown on “Just the Way,” which became their first #1 single in eight years. “Take My Name” is currently climbing into the top 30 on country radio.

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