Russell Dickerson says his self-titled album is “a soundtrack for whatever you’re feeling”

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Russell Dickerson says his upcoming album is a “soundtrack” to his life that he hopes fans apply to their own stories. 

Following the release of 2020’s Southern Symphony, Russell is gearing up to share his third studio album. It includes his current single featuring Jake Scott, “She Likes It,” which is in the top 20 on country radio. 

Russell admits he could’t help but have a robust track list of 15 songs, despite trying to whittle it down to 10 or 11. 

“It’s 15 of the songs that I could not stop listening to over the last two years since I put my last record out,” he says. “I had to put 15 because I couldn’t choose and I was like, ‘We’re going to put a big ol’ fat album out there.’ I could not be more stoked.” 

Russell says the self-titled project runs the gamut when it comes to subject matter, ranging from party songs to songs about fatherhood, as he and wife Kailey Dickerson became parents to their first child, son Remington, in September 2020. 

“It’s heartbreak songs, it’s love songs, it’s family songs. I’m a dad now. It’s emotional songs, it’s party songs,” he explains. “It’s literally a soundtrack for whatever you’re feeling, dial up that song. If you’re ready to party, there’s a handful of songs for that. If you’re feeling down, there’s some songs for that. If you’re feeling emotional, if you need uplifting, there’s a song for that.” 

Russell Dickerson will be released on November 4. He’s also shared one of the new songs on the album, “I Wonder.”  

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