“Slow Down Summer”: Thomas Rhett yearns to turn back the clock in his flashback-filled new video


Thomas Rhett’s “Slow Down Summer” tells the story of young love that’s racing against the clock, with both people in the relationship desperately clinging to the time they’ve got left together before the seasons change and their busy lives pull them apart.

In his just-released music video, the singer sets a visual component to his song, following two people as they head into colder weather but can’t forget the memories of those blissful summer days.

In one scene, a young guy is driving along a snow-covered road, and when he looks over to the passenger seat, the weather instantly changes to hot and sunny, and he sees the girl he lost smiling back at him from the shotgun seat.

“Slow Down Summer” is the lead single from Thomas’ next album, Where We Started, due out in early 2022. He’s been on a creative hot streak lately, as Country Again: Side A just came out earlier this year, and Side B of that double album is due out in the fall of 2022.

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