“Tequila on a Boat”: Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane dream up a perfect summer day in their new duet

Caleb Donato

Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane join forces for their new carefree summertime anthem, “Tequila on a Boat,” a song that Dustin says sums up everything he loves most about summer.

“‘Tequila on a Boat’ is a song that points to the absolute perfect day during the summertime,” the singer explains. “I love being on the water. There’s just something that’s grounding to me, and I’ve made so many memories over the years with great friends, being on a boat and just doing life together. ‘Tequila on a Boat’ puts me in that headspace no matter where I am, and I hope it does to you, too.”

The song’s music video shows a series of boat parties in slow-motion, with different groups of friends — including Chris and Dustin themselves– hanging out on the water.

Next month, Dustin will bring the waterfront fun to life with his Las Vegas Pool Situation, a curated three-day pool party featuring performances from the singer as well as Jordan Davis and Hardy, plus DJ sets from Brandi Cyrus.

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