“Thanks for the insane ride”: Maren Morris takes to the sky with Thunderbirds

SSgt. Andrew D. Sarver

Maren Morris had her head in the clouds this weekend. 

The Grammy-winning singer took to Instagram to share her experience with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds ahead of their demonstration at The Great Tennessee Air Show. 

One snap shows her in the air, her face covered by an oxygen mask and helmet with a gorgeous view of the sky reflected in her visor, while a gallery of photos shows her climbing into the plane, along with close-up shots of the uniform. Maren also shared a video of her interacting with the crew and showing what her perspective was while soaring through the air.

“That was amazing!” she exclaims after the trip. 

“Thanks for the insane ride, @afthunderbirds,” the singer writes on Instagram. “We pulled 6.6 G’s and I didn’t puke or pass out. I will consider that a massive win. Thank you @afthunderbirds and Major Jason Markzon for an experience I will treasure for a lifetime.” 

Maren is nominated for multiple awards at the CMT Awards, where she’ll also perform when the show airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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