The Halloween prank that almost made Reba “fire” her boyfriend, and Matthew Ramsey’s haunted cabin


Reba McEntire‘s boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, may be her Young Sheldon co-star who plays the high school principal, but he’s also a huge cut-up who’s an enormous fan of Halloween.

“Last year, he ordered from Costco a seven foot werewolf, [with] a motion sensor in it, and he put it in my bathroom,” Reba recalls. “And then when I walked in there, it moved and growled at me and I was very upset.”

“I said, ‘Everybody who had anything to do with it, you’re all fired!'” she jokes. “Then I started giggling. Then I was pretty flattered that he’d went to all that trouble to scare me.”

“Then we took it to every place we could to scare everybody else,” she adds. “We had a blast with it.”

Old Dominion‘s Matthew Ramsey takes things even further for Halloween, though it was something of an accident.

“This happened probably four years ago, when I couldn’t take my kids on a fall break vacation,” OD’s lead singer explains. “So I took them to Home Depot and bought every Halloween decoration that I could possibly find, and we tricked out the woods… like a haunted woods. And so I set a tradition that I didn’t mean to set.”

“Now I spend about $1000 a year on new Halloween decorations,” Matthew continues. “And I don’t have the woods anymore because we moved, but now I told them… we have a little cabin — that I would make a whole haunted cabin for Halloween.”

“It’s like a whole art project,” he confesses. “I spend three days on decking out this whole house.”

All Hallows’ Eve is Sunday, so be sure to check out the socials of stars like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, who typically don’t disappoint when it comes to their costumes.

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