The “Woman You Got” on video: Maddie & Tae document their lives as newlyweds

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Fresh off their latest #1, “Die from a Broken Heart,” being certified double platinum, Maddie & Tae are back with a new single that’s every bit as sassy as their previous one was sad.

“Woman You Got” reflects both Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr‘s relatively new status as married women. It’s also a bit of a throwback to their debut, CMA-winning #1 hit, “Girl in a Country Song.”

“‘Woman You Got’ came so naturally in the writing room,” Maddie tells ABC Audio, “because we were just, like, anything self-deprecating — we kinda like went ‘Girl in a Country [Song’-style], like writing-wise.”

“We kinda made a list of these odd little quirks,” she continues, quoting the song lyrics, “like ‘talking smack and making messes, win bread, kinda selfish,’ like, ‘don’t trust me in the kitchen.’ That kind of stuff was just, you know, if it’s not both of us, it’s one of us.”

Tae agrees, adding they probably have enough left over for a sequel.

“I would love to see your notebook from that day,” Tae remarks, “because I feel like we had so many options and we had to tone back and kinda pick which ones we wanted to put in there. But there were a lot of different little descriptive things about us that we couldn’t put in there because we didn’t have enough time.” 

Maddie interjects: “And our husbands were like, ‘Thank God they’re finally admitting all their crap!'” as they both laugh.  

You can find Maddie & Tae’s supposed faults on full display in their comic new music video for “Woman You Got,” which they just debuted Tuesday night. 

This fall, Maddie & Tae head out on The Weekends Tour with Brett Young.

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