Walker Hayes will keep “riding that roller coaster” in 2022, with “big tours” and a new album in the works


As he heads towards the finish line of a banner year, Walker Hayes says that 2022 is looking up.

“Next year, we’ve got a lot in store,” the singer says. A viral hitmaker who cruised into the country mainstream with the success of his massive 2021 hit, “Fancy Like,” he’s now got plans to keep the momentum going in just about every way.

“We’re going on tour, and we’re taking MacKenzie Porter. She’s incredible. I’m jacked about bringing her,” Walker continues. “And we got an album coming out. Honestly, can’t pick a favorite song. It’s just whichever one I listened to last, and that’s good for an artist. That’s a great feeling.”

That new project is Country Stuff the Album, a 13-song collection that’ll flesh out his 2021 EP of the same title. When the full-length version comes out in January, it’ll arrive to a fan base that’s grown exponentially over the past year.

Walker — who spent years enjoying moderate country success before finding his breakout hit with “Fancy Like” — will continue to soak up every moment of stardom once the new year hits.

“Yeah, maybe [I’ll] be out on some big tours this summer,” he hints. “Just feeding off ‘Fancy Like,’ you know? Riding that roller coaster, and [my next single] ‘AA’ following in its shoes. Let’s go. Come on. It’s gonna be a great year.”

Before he gets to 2022, though, Walker’s closing this year out with a bang. He’s headed to LA to perform on ABC’s annual special, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, which airs on December 31 beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

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