Why Parker McCollum has outrageous country cred

Tyler Conrad

You’ll have to work pretty hard to be more country than Parker McCollum.

Take, for example, how the native of the Lone Star State celebrated his first #1, “Pretty Heart,” back in December. 

“I was back home in Texas,” he explains, “and it was like middle of deer season and I’d been bow-hunting all season and hadn’t seen a deer I was after. And we were actually shooting a hunting TV show out there, so it’s all on camera. You can watch it on YouTube.”

“But I woke up about 5 a.m. to go to the deer stand,” he recalls, “and Enzo called me, my manager. And he said, ‘Hey, you’re #1 on Billboard and Mediabase this week.’ You know, ‘It’s your first #1. Congratulations.'”

“And [I] walked into the house and told everybody,” Parker continues, “and then we went to the stand and I shot that deer like 90 minutes later.”

“So that’s a pretty good little morning,” he smiles. “I would love for that to become a tradition.”

Parker’s follow-up to “Pretty Little Heart,” “To Be Loved By You,” is out now. His full-length debut, Gold Chain Cowboy, arrives July 30.

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